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Baldivis is a former semi-rural residential suburb 46 kilometres south of main business district of Perth, the main city of west Australian Continent, and 11 kilometres southeast regarding the local centre of Rockingham. It's positioned aided by the City of Rockingham local government area.today into the domestic aspects of Baldivis there are primarily those who used to inhabit Rockingham and are usually highschool dropouts who went to work on the mines as they are no more bogans............they tend to be bogans with money purchasing the newest holden commodore in worst color imaginable (usually with employer "chromies")one of the very well known schools in Baldivis is Tranby Collage due to the fact that the educators are uneducated they are dumber than the shit i took yesterday, they attempt to hide behind the truth that because they are a Catholic college because due to the fact amount of pupils they'd originally had been therefore insignificant that they just lifted their university fees fees and called their particular self a private college