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Balassi may relate to:1) a name of an institute situated at the heart of European countries in Budapest - the main city town for the magical land of Hungary, where on top of that you'll stay and learn very hard languages, particularly Hungarian, to which only particular quantity of the coolest folks from all over the globe can get plus which discover an event center - the so named BOOM BOOM PLACE - permanent and guaranteed supply of entertainment.2) the full time spent in the eponymous institute. During this period virtually such a thing can happen to you - you are able to satisfy your absolute best buddy and/or love of everything, or fulfil your bravest fantasies, or get heart completely broken and devastated; one, but is for yes - it's an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime self-changing experience.3) individuals going to the eponymous institute. You can easily recognize all of them - they truly are colourful and shiny, they move in big groups, speaking some crazy language - half-English half-Hungarian half-some other globe language and shout "Balassi, Balassi" while traveling by the public transport vehicles (especially late at night); another conspicuous trait of theirs is that they "sleep for hours and celebration through the night" and study every now and then.

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Karadi in 1569 brought to light the earliest national drama, Balassi Menyhert.

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