What does Balamir mean?

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A name and this can be considered as obscure and interesting because it's owner. Balamir's will generally work oblivious and can imagine to not understand certain things, but be cautious, most of the time they are able to understand things about you which you don't also think you would pointed out. These are generally typically good at making decisions on impulse while not always the most effective choices, nearly all their decisions becoming affected by what most readily useful suites them. Many will keep things private which might make you perplexed when they ignore your offer for no evident reason. Their goal in life should generally speaking manage to find their way in to the deepest depths of people, being able to provide insightful advice on issues folks can be having. They are selfless people who take pleasure in the excitement of assisting other people handle their particular problems, putting any problems they have to the medial side and usually perhaps not speaking of their deepest feelings. Some individuals takes all of them for awarded or outcast them, but they are a great companion who you can invariably depend on when the going gets difficult.