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An abbreviation for a county of Maryland surrounding the majority of the town of Bawlmurr (Baltimore) filled with wiggers and preppies which entirely useless aside from its reputation as a "hotbed" of lacrosse and the vast ocean of wiggers.The children truth be told there believe they will have money, but that's because they have just already been confronted with Bawlmurr town. Unlike HoCo and MoCo, nobody really lives in McMansions and a garage of European deluxe cars. Most people are either a little above the poverty line or just ordinary middle income.once the children develop they have experience of other areas of Maryland, they understand they are often truly white rubbish or their daddy cannot hack it in MoCo and HoCo so he decided on BalCo in order to prevent Bawlmer.We might not be as rich as MoCo or HoCo but we all know we are a lot better than them.Towson, Parkville, Perry Hall, White Marsh, Rosedale, Essex, Dundalk, Randallstown, Pikesville, Woodlawn, Catonsville. A company that offers steroids to baseball players. Now-being sued by MLB. Brand new preferred chant of Boston Red Sox fans, seeming to overtake yankees suck in appeal this year. An organization which makes steroids. Perfectly known because of the nyc Yankees.Also see:New York Yankees, Jason Giambi, Alex Rodriguez