What does Bakey Faced mean?

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*Bakey Faced*- the end result of just one hell of a bake sess-o..its most likely the greatest sensation into the whole entire world..its whenever you smoke cigarettes a great deal cannabis you cannot help but look blowed..act blowed..and you need to be blowed..how can you inform your bakey faced?-eyes become blood shot..-you get cotton mouth..-smile from ear to ear..-laughing about something..-smashing on munchies..the distinction between becoming large..and becoming bakey faced-when your large you'll however operate appropriately..-when your bakey experienced, you actually can't control your self..ex: as soon as your high, you'll smash everything within the refrigerator.. whenever your bakey faced..you cash the fuck out at any fastfood destination..ordering enough meals to give an army..lol