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A powerfully voiced, usually religious, extremely busted and sometimes bearing an equally and ingeniously huge behind. A Bajoomba is a large-and-in-charge-woman-of-colour. Frequently wise beyond exactly what the normal population is prepared, willing, or able to accept because possible. Uncommonly noticed in elderly many years (Wherein they undergo the metamorphosis of Big Mama), the more populace of Bajoombas teeter between middle age and childhood, though tend to be (N.B. Never) less spiritual younger these are typically, being packed with youthful angst and exhuberance before complete bloom to middle age occurs. Curiously, a lot of Bajoombas have an all natural talent for singing backup vocals to intellectual white Briitpop groups from 80s and 90s.(This definition is written by a white kid with endearing value for all the people of colour, and white folk who've previously had the oppertunity to see past our distinctions of color and tradition, and seen this is the individual that people all are.) The act of groping a womans tits who have a cup measurements of higher than F. Whilst the groping commences the expression 'bajoomba' needs to be exclaimed to really make it appropriate.It is a work that is enjoyed by the recipient and also the participant and tends to occur on a regular basis.See boodoo for ladies who possess smaller tits.