What does Bain Marie mean?

Bain Marie meaning in General Dictionary

A vessel for holding hot-water where another vessel are heated without scorching its contents used for heating or organizing meals or pharmaceutical preparations

Bain Marie meaning in Cooking Dictionary

1. A hot-water shower used to gently cook foods. Heated water is positioned in a pan and the meal (such custard), nestled in an independent container, is placed in the liquid. This enables mild cooking without scorching. 2. French term for a kind of double boiler.

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  • [French] Simply a water bath. It consist of placing a container of food in a big, shallow pan of warm water, which encompasses the food with mild heat. The food can be cooked this way either in an oven or in addition to an assortment. This system was designed to prepare fine meals including custards, sauces and savory mousses without breaking or curdling all of them. It's also used to keep meals warm.