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Bailey Hall is simply the best dormitory you should possibly live in. Sure, it really is in Saint Paul, and you're welcomed with a peculiar scent each and every morning from the livestock on campus, but over here, we only say it's No Big Deal! All the students that live in Bailey are CFANS or CDES, but you will find the odd young ones that for some reason don't invest their particular housing in no time so that they were put right here. It's no huge deal though, everyone get along. Sort of. East Wing is means much better than North Wing, it's just a well known fact of life. And everyone wishes they may be on the Ground Floor. Yeah, it's mostly farm kids, but you'll adapt to their unusual techniques. Bailey Hall may be the only dorm regarding St Paul university of this U of M, which means you have to take a 15 minute bus ride to obtain everywhere worth gonna. St Paul Campus is full of only farm pets (Beta of Clovia and LDPhi) and in addition actual farm creatures. An element of the populace of Bailey Hall comes with young ones just who really made a decision to live here (if you can believe), who are largely CFANS weirdos whom did 4H and rode 4 wheelers to high-school. Also available at Bailey are the ones children which put on anime caps and Pikachu backpacks in public areas. The others of Bailey young ones are those who had been also sluggish to join up for housing and were placed there as it had been the sole space left. These types of young ones are chill as fuck and that can be found chain smoking cigarettes outside the front side doorways, smoking pot from the yard or in their particular dorms, or getting blackout when you look at the dining hallway on weekdays to drown out the discomfort of staying in such a remote shit gap. There is like one safety officer inside entire St Paul university and also the CAs never offer a shit, so it is almost impossible to perhaps not pull off shenanigans. Bailey low key frats harder than any associated with the other freshman dorms, in addition to children just who reside there form an unbreakable bond due to their collectively shitty living arrangement and countless intoxicated coach trips to & from Minneapolis they share.