What does Bagh Bagh bagh Bagh mean?

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A word/phrase accustomed annoy the hell from grownups many teenagers. the phrase was created by several teen-age young men. it had beenn't meant to gain popularity, but became an overnight feeling. most guys, plus some girls make the noise. typically, those who do not like the noise cannot ensure it is. the term is pronounced Baaeeeh in a high pitched voice. various other terms had been produced from this word like, berg (burg), duyaye (die-i), dagh (daggg), oooog (pronounced as sounds), and annoy people just as much as bagh. The term is all across web and is well-known on Youtube. the teenagers who make the noise are usually the most popular young ones. unpopular young ones typically cant make the noise, or just do not desire to embarrass on their own. The noise has been banned either from specific classrooms, or schools overall. to some people the noise is irritating and annoyance worthwhile, but in my opinion the noise is funny and entertaining. to sum it all up: Bagh is a funny solution to see child boys enter trouble.-Thanks! a sound that young hoodlums look for humor in creating by irritating grownups and/or instructors. They will certainly make this noise whenever, anywhere, and they'll result in the sound continuously until they've been kicked inside their genitalia. My mom pushing the shit out... A far more bitter as a type of bah