What does Bagga Bagga BAGGA mean?

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Adjective. Of substandard high quality. Quick for 'bag of shite'. Utilized in Manchester, UK, for some time into the belated 90s. Bagga- A term utilized similarly to "shit" and "fuck". Term utilized as a product or replacement for "shit" or "fuck" in the event that speaker doesn't need swear/cuss. Fits in with other non swearing terms such as: "damn" and "crap". A phrase started down in Connecticut by a smart man. Noone gets the exact original definition but lets only state it was a term utilized for an annoying girl or maybe one that you simply didnt find appealing. The phrase features since developed into any feminine that you see on the road and when your buddies tend to be cool with it you may also refer to their girlfriends or fiances as baggas! Random females love it when you call all of them baggas therefore the scatter the phrase.