What does Bag of laundry mean?

Bag of laundry meaning in Urban Dictionary

1. a truly fat and unkempt girl a genuine dessert eater2. A very fat individual that wears clothing that a skinner more sexy individual should be using.3. Any truly fat individual that has control of how much they weigh but decide to devour everything within their places. This could be combined with the term a “wet bag of washing” which often is an extremely fat person who is indeed fat as you are able to see most of the dimples in their fat asses. Thus the word damp case of laundry. And also this many different variants like a classic bag of washing (a fat butt old person). Dirty case of laundry (a homeless fat ass). A smelly bag of washing (for fat somebody that has that fat individual smell to them, you realize kinda like a bag of laundry)