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In Arabic moreover it suggests a full moon badr could be the arabic term when it comes to moon if it is full.Badr can be used to call a cute individual Somebody who doesnt need any intro. He's naurally powerful, pretty confident of his self, and would achieve whatever he does.His only drawback is the fact that he falls for certain people perhaps too fast. Boss close, Don't ReplyWhen you're chatting with your buddy on MSN in the office plus supervisor is dangerously near your pc. Your buddy should know that and do not reply until he gets your OK. a word that is used to spell it out somebody who has about two among these problems, has a long stomache, has actually an insanely stupid laugh, doesn't learn how to drive a cycle, is within awards and researches continuously, hasn't kissed a lady. A badr is used by people they know for cash, and regularly abused.