What does Badger-fucked mean?

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The degraded emotional and physical condition of presence which does occur following a twisted session of intoxication. Extreme gurning, serious bad breath and lack of any interaction abilities are fundamental facets in identifying whether one is really 'badger-fucked'. However, this problem normally lends itself to self-diagnosis - sometimes just the target can completely assess their particular shambolic state.This problem is solely caused by exorbitant (and often mixed) medicine using - usually focussing around an event or clubbing evening. Modest drinking and all-night dancing, fuelled by Ecstacy, leave the average person carefully monged and perilously near the advantage. Inside scenario, the smoking cigarettes of a large cannabis reefer or bong is most probably assure progression to a situation of 'badger-fucked'.Basic whitey management is utilized whatsoever stages to prevent early disaster.