What does Badger Game mean?

Badger Game meaning in General Dictionary

the strategy of blackmailing by decoying one into a compromising situation and extorting cash by threats of visibility

Badger Game meaning in Urban Dictionary

A con strategy, which begins with a jailbait.For the goal of this meaning the jailbait is termed Jane. This will be a generic name for the purpose of this definition. No offence is intended towards any true to life Janes just who are adult, consenting, law-abiding, truthful, and clean living.Jane is sunbathing alone on a beach, wearing only a skimpy bikini. Shortly an individual guy labeled as Mark, approaches and lies down next to her.Jane smiles. Mark smiles right back.A conversation employs. First small-talk about the sunny weather condition, but goes onto pop songs, fashion, and skateboarding.who's brushing whom? We shall quickly see!They progresses to holding arms."It's also hot out", states Jane, "let us check-out my destination!" - or they go for dinner at McDonalds on the road. Mark pays definitely.At her spot, its vacant. They go upstairs and begin to fumble.Suddenly, the bed room door starts, and Jane's mom will come in, slaps the girl into the face, and starts screaming at Jane. Mark's todger droops straight away, and any sexual emotions immediately evapourates.The Jane's daddy comes in, a large hard guy with tattoos all-over him, views Mark, and shakes him down for several he's worth."today escape indeed there before we call law enforcement!"Mark beats a hasty refugewhenever Mark have actually disappeared in the future, the three laugh collectively and state, "$200! Just what a haul!"