What does Bad Texter mean?

Bad Texter meaning in Urban Dictionary

somebody who has no conception of interaction. Tips know if you or someone else is a Bad Texter:1. One word responses.2. Ridiculously horrible grammar.3. Reactions tend to be delayed without saying "brb" or other reason.4. Extensive punctuation. We have it when it's some thing huge, but five exclamations for a daily greeting in fact isn't needed.5. Flat-out irritating. If some body claims the need get, watch for all of them to text you or for about 6 hours before beginning up a conversation.6. Several texts delivered. If it is a tale, ok, but really, is every detail important? Well, when it is, calling is an easier way to deal.7. Caps lock usually. Unless the person obtaining your texts is visually impaired, it's not required to write-in big letters.8. Perhaps not participating. It is a huge one. It mustn't be a one-sided discussion. Make an effort, particularly if you text first.9. In addition with no. 8, if you don't have anything to express, cannot text. It simply eventually ends up becoming a boring, lame conversation where you say "how roentgen u?" a dozen times.10. Good Sense. If somebody isn't responding to you, don't bother all of them. Either they truly are being...well, by themselves and do not feel responding to you or they are busy. Either way, cool off. What you may need to say can wait. We realize this because if it were actually crucial, you would call.