What does Bactrian mean?

Bactrian meaning in General Dictionary

Of or pertaining to Bactria in Asia

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  • Of or regarding Bactria in Asia.
  • A native of Bactria.

Bactrian meaning in Urban Dictionary

Background:Bactria is present day Northern Afghanistan and parts of Tajikistan, Iran, and Uzbekistan. The Balkh area could be the heart from it all. Alexander the fantastic passed away in Bactria, thus their army ended up being left stranded. Alexanders military decided in when you look at the Persian province. Balkh is greatly influenced by the Greek tradition. That is where Greek and Persia united revealing a few ideas, meals, language, tradition etc.Gengish Khan in addition to Mongols destroyed Bactria. These people were never capable restore to its former glory.Bactrians tend to be Greco-Persians. They talk the initial Persian and descended from Greece.

Bactrian meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"inhabitant of Bactria," belated 14c.; as a type of camel, c.1600, from Latin Bactria, old region with what is northwestern Afghanistan, virtually "the western province," from Persian bakhtar "the western."

Bactrian meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Of or pertaining to Bactria in Asia.

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  • (n.) A native of Bactria.

Sentence Examples with the word Bactrian

Dr Leche also institutes a comparison between the skeletons of the wild and the tame Bactrian camel with the remains of certain fossil Asiatic camels, namely, Camelus knoblochi from Sarepta, Russia, and C. alutensis from the Aluta valley, Rumania.

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