What does Bacterium mean?

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A microscopic single celled system having no distinguishable nucleus belonging to the kingdom Monera Bacteria have differing shapes often using the form of a jointed rodlike filament or a little sphere but also in certain situations having a branched type Bacteria are destitute of chlorophyll however in those members of the phylum Cyanophyta the blue green algae various other light taking in pigments exist They are the smallest of microscopic organisms that have their metabolic processes carried on within cellular membranes viruses being smaller although not with the capacity of living freely The micro-organisms are extensively diffused in general and grow with marvelous rapidity both by fission by spores Bacteria might need air with regards to their energy producing k-calorie burning and these are known as aerobes or may increase when you look at the lack of air these kinds being anaerobes specific species tend to be energetic agents in fermentation while some look like the reason for particular infectious conditions The branch of science with studies micro-organisms is bacteriology being an unit of microbiology See Bacillus

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  • (microbiology) single-celled or noncellular spherical or spiral or rod-shaped organisms lacking chlorophyll that reproduce by fission; important as pathogens as well as for biochemical properties; taxonomy is hard; often considered to be plants
  • A microscopic vegetable system, belonging to the class Algae, frequently in the shape of a jointed rodlike filament, and found in putrefying organic infusions. Bacteria tend to be destitute of chlorophyll, and generally are the smallest of microscopic organisms. They're really widely diffused in general, and multiply with marvelous rapidity, both by fission by spores. Certain types tend to be energetic agents in fermentation, while others be seemingly the reason for certain infectious conditions. See Bacillus.

Bacterium meaning in Medical Dictionary

The singular of bacteria.

Bacterium meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1848, single of micro-organisms (q.v.).

Bacterium meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The single kind of your message micro-organisms; a small, microscopic system only comprised of one mobile.

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It appears from the observations of Maze that the bacterium can even absorb free nitrogen when grown in cultures FIG.

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