What does Bacteriology mean?

Bacteriology meaning in General Dictionary

The branch of microbiology concerning bacteria

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  • the branch of medical science that studies bacteria pertaining to condition
  • The technology relating to micro-organisms.

Bacteriology meaning in Medical Dictionary

The science and research of bacteria and their particular reference to medicine also to other areas such agriculture (age.g., farm animals) and industry. Bacteria are single-celled microorganisms which can stay as separate organisms or, dependently, as parasites. On the list of better-known micro-organisms tend to be strep, staph, and also the representatives of tuberculosis and leprosy.

Bacteriology meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1884, from German; see germs + -ology. Related: Bacteriological (1886). Bacteriological warfare is from 1924.

Bacteriology meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The technology associated with micro-organisms.

Sentence Examples with the word Bacteriology

A branch of bacteriology which offers numerous problems of importance is that which deals with the organisms so common in milk, butter and cheese.

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