What does Bacterial mean?

Bacterial meaning in General Dictionary

Of related to or caused by micro-organisms

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  • regarding or caused by bacteria
  • Of or related to micro-organisms.

Bacterial meaning in Urban Dictionary

what the results are whenever a viral video gets old, but will not perish.

Bacterial meaning in Medical Dictionary

Of or related to bacteria, such as a bacterial lung disease.

Bacterial meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1869, from bacteria + -al (1).

Bacterial meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Of or with respect to germs.

Sentence Examples with the word Bacterial

The former also looks on the ordinary disjointing bacterial cell as an oidium, and it must be admitted that since Brefeld's discovery of the frequency of minute oidia and chlamydospores among the fungi, the probability that some so-called bacteria - and this applies especially to the branching forms accepted by some bacteriologists - are merely reduced fungi is increased.

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