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Baconchovie (bay-cun-cho-vee)Baconchovie is is a cross between bacon and an anchovy, generally utilized as a pizza topping.Baconchovie: one half pig, Half fish. Hunted and collected during ancient times, is regarded as a delicacy among royalty. Typically hunted by horseback, but during contemporary times the searching of the rare entree features evolved. Baconchovie is currently hunted by atmosphere and it has been made famous by gyrocopter lover, C. Denny and his book "Intro into search: Baconchovie by atmosphere into the Viva*la*ranger 520 gyrocopter". C. Denny handed down when his co pilot dropped a bag of polished nails on their mind during his research of his unfinished guide "Penguins: in which do I get one".