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developed in a laboratory by incorporating everything that is great in the world its a waffle with bacon inside, yes inside it. This has come to live at Leroy's in Anchorage, Alaska and is considered the greatest morning meal after a late night out. Its impossible to not ever laugh while taking you very first bite, not really the fantastic Chuck Norris could withstand. It will be the colsest you can started to becoming in Heaven without in fact becoming there. When you've got already been eaten there's no turning back since they are much more addicting than meth. It is not uncommon for groups of individuals develop clans or packs and visit LeRoy's as often possible. But if a member goes judas (see defiition for Judas) then they are kicked away if 2 or higher users decide these are typically unworthy. As soon as kicked out of the best way back is to buy every person a bacon waffle and hope they've been re-instated. As a warning, don't consume one unless you are ready to get a hold of all the other meals somewhat lacking in flavor after eating your first. But as any veteran bacon-waffler will say to you, it's worth it.