What does Backup mean?

Backup meaning in General Dictionary

something kept in book to serve as a substitute in the event of failure or unavailability of typical or primary item employed for devices plans men and women etc additionally utilized attributively as there clearly was no backup when it comes to electric offer a backup motor a backup generator

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  • a build up caused by blocking or a stoppage
  • an individual who takes the spot of some other (as whenever things get dangerous or difficult)
  • the act of offering approval and help
  • (computer system science) a copy of a file or directory on an independent storage device
  • a musical part (vocal or instrumental) that aids or provides history for other musical parts

Backup meaning in Law Dictionary

1. another resource familiar with make sure a task can continue. Or a project this is certainly done if a primary one can not be done. 2. preserving data on disk which are saved on disk or offsite. This prevents important information from being lost, stolen, or satotaged.

Backup meaning in Etymology Dictionary

see backup.

Backup meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Approach or substitute resource employed or willing to ensure continuity of an action, system, or task whenever the principle or primary resource fails or perhaps is unavailable. 2. Protection of crucial data by simply making more than one duplicate (redundant) copies regarding the initial at frequent intervals. These copies tend to be saved at various (preferably off-site) areas (either on various other computers via net or on storage news such as disk, tape, CDs) to reduce the opportunity of reduction unintentionally, blunder, or sabotage.

Backup meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

An operation or procedure that copies data to an alternative location, so it can be recovered if deleted or becomes corrupted. Depending on how often the data changes, how valuable it is, and how long it takes to backup determines how often a backup is run. For example, a company with valuable information such as customer records that change frequently may backup their data every day or in some cases every few hours. Even more sensitive data such as bank records may be stored on drives using some form of RAID, which helps protect the data even if a drive fails.

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Backup meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

Backup is the most essential computer system term you must know. a backup is a duplicate of one or maybe more files developed as another whenever the original information is lost or becomes unusable. For instance, you'll save your self several copies of a study paper in your hard drive as backup files incase you determine to use a previous modification. In addition to this, you might save the backups to a USB flash disk, which will also protect the data if the hard drive failed. Hard drives tend to be meant to operate for quite some time without crashing. But just as with any gadgets, they're not resistant to dilemmas. Because they're not solid-state products, hard disk drives depend on moving parts to gain access to information, which could malfunction and cause your data in order to become unrecoverable. If you need proof how fragile hard drives really are, go to your neighborhood computer store but someone show you an open disk drive. When you recognize your entire information is stored in such a small, fine product, you could have a comprehension of why you ought to backup important computer data. But it is not only hardware malfunctions you must bother about. Computer software corruption may harm your files. Directory site frameworks may become damaged and result whole files to go away completely. Files is mistakenly erased or corrupted by viruses or any other pc software attacks. Program installation disputes makes programs or files unusable. You can find regrettably numerous ways for your information to be wrecked or vanish. This is exactly why it is so important to backup your data. People don't get the necessity of having a backup until it really is too late. Obviously, when you yourself have lost years of photographs, school reports, business documents, email archives, songs, films, or any other information that you cannot recover, the importance of having a backup becomes all too real. So how do you backup your data? The very best way is to utilize an external storage device, such as for instance an exterior hard drive, flash memory unit, and sometimes even another computer system. It is possible to produce permanent backups making use of optical media, eg CD-R and DVD-R discs. Copying individual folders and files is really as easy copying all of them through the supply media (your computer system's hard drive) to your location (an external hard disk). If you would like backup your whole system or would like to have regular backups instantly done, you should use back-up pc software which will backup your data available. Numerous programs are offered for both Mac and Windows that offer automated backups and system restore abilities. For those who have perhaps not however copied your hard disk drive, now's a great time to take action. It is far better to back-up your computer data today than once it is too late.

Sentence Examples with the word Backup

Baxton worked in a rural county where backup wasn't readily available so he'd approached the car alone.

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