What does Backseat Moderator mean?

Backseat Moderator meaning in Urban Dictionary

A message board user who, though they just do not actually contain the position of moderator, has many twisted feeling of task which they feel they must satisfy. This user generally seems to believe the moderator is a retarded monkey that should be led around because of the hand and told which threads have to be locked or deleted.The seat moderator can often be seen leaping up and down and frantically waving their particular arms, attempting to draw focus on a thread which surely is offensive and stupid to your highest degree and needs to be closed immediately. Actually, the real moderator has most likely viewed this issue and seen nothing which crosses the line.The seat moderator are often a backseat administrator, permitting everyone know which people should be banned. Although seat moderator is irritating, there's nothing and that can be done unless the true expert regarding board takes matters into its fingers, and ejects all of them from board in a hilarious exemplory instance of paradox.