What does Backseat Chess Player mean?

Backseat Chess Player meaning in Urban Dictionary

Anyone (or possibly friends) that stands over your neck while playing chess, in addition to individual always claims to see an awesome move for either you or your opponent. This gets therefore annoying specially when the moron claims, "Oh you didn't see this awesome move!" Then points his fat hand on your own board, or touches the pieces. They result me small stress due to their frustrating suggestions the person Im designed to checkmate...or they carry on saying in my own ear like a slimy serpent, "we see a good move." Sometimes their moves are great, but most of that time period they've maybe not an idea what they are talking about and can stick you in a worse situation or set you back a nice piece. Do not simply take guidance from their website, and if your opponent is a genuine chess player they're going to provide them with the bird and let them know to shut up or shove off. The easiest method to repel all of them would be to only dismiss all of them, or flat out tell them you can easily play a lot better than they may be able after which prove it in a match.