What does Backrow Snipeshow mean?

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a conference occurring in (mainly) a high college classroom and on occasion even a university lecture hallway. The act in which an innocent pupil attempts to answer a concern posed by an instructor, and, upon incorrectly responding to said concern, the snipeshow does occur. First, an occupant associated with backrow of class room will operate, point, and yell "sniiiiiipeshow" so as to single-handedly verbally abuse the student whom wrongfully responded to the question. Rarest of all, however, takes place when an Ultimate BackRow Snipeshow takes place, in which, prior to the unleashing for the snipage, the lights dim and there's total silence within the room. When the snipe was carried out, the target will operate from room rather than return to class off sheer public embarrasment.i. eminated from Iroquois Ridge in Oakville, ON, Canada