What does Backpack mean?

Backpack meaning in General Dictionary

to hike while carrying a backpack often used in the form go backpacking regarding backpack through forest

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  • a bag carried on the trunk sustained by straps looped throughout the arms
  • hike with a backpack
  • a bag held by a strap on your straight back or neck

Backpack meaning in Dream Dictionary

Seeing or holding a backpack presents you have the right tools to make the correct techniques that you experienced.  If the backpack is hefty than you possibly might think your holding a lot in your back your walking life.  In the event your backpack is actually bare, means your maybe not prepared move forward.  In the event that you go with ease declare that you're confident which will make a move.

Backpack meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1914 as a noun, 1916 as a verb, from back (n.) + pack (letter.). Related: Backpacked; backpacking.

Sentence Examples with the word Backpack

He wished he'd thought to bring his backpack with his 3DS and magazines until he remembered why it was better he left it: Rhyn needed the other dosage of Immunity blood if the half-demon wanted to make it to the seventh day after Katie's death.

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