What does Background radiation mean?

Background radiation meaning in Medical Dictionary

Radiation that comes from environmental resources including the planet's crust, the atmosphere, cosmic rays, and radioisotopes. Natural sources of radiation take into account the greatest number of radiation visibility received by we each year with health and occupational sources accounting for only a portion of that publicity. It really is presently believed that radon, a gas from radium decay within rock, comprises the main source of history radiation throughout many areas of the usa. The accumulation of radon in inadequately ventilated domiciles may present a long-term wellness risk. The deleterious outcomes of background radiation, approximated as causing 1-6% of natural genetic mutation, increase with dose.

Background radiation meaning in Law Dictionary

rays made by the movie stars and certain elements like radon.

Background radiation meaning in Business Dictionary

Ubiquitous all-natural radiation created by cosmic rays and radioactive elements in soil including radon.

Background radiation meaning in General Dictionary

radiation coming from resources besides those being observed

Background radiation meaning in Chemistry Dictionary

Ratiation extraneous to a research. Usually the low-level normal radiation type cosmic rays and trace radioactive substances present in types.