What does Background Check mean?

Background Check meaning in Urban Dictionary

A popular euphemism for rectal intercourse. First heard on the Allegheny university campus in Meadville, Pennsylvania.

Background Check meaning in Law Dictionary

Reviewing a parties confidential and community information to research their particular record. This done throughout the hiring procedure to obvious staff members with a criminal history and confirm information provided. The us government makes use of them for safety clearance.

Background Check meaning in Business Dictionary

The work of reviewing both confidential and community information to investigate people or entity's history. Criminal record checks are commonly carried out by companies to make sure that: (1) a member of staff is just who he or she states they've been, (2) to determine your person won't have a damaging history (like unlawful task) that'll reflect badly on the company, (3) to confirm information that an applicant included on their application for work. Substantial criminal background checks could be very expensive primarily because of that time period and energy necessary to explore every item in people or entity's history. The us government commonly makes use of background check to give you protection clearances that some federal roles require.