What does Backdoor mean?

Backdoor meaning in General Dictionary

functioning from behind as well as in concealment backstairs as backdoor intrigues

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  • an undocumented way to obtain access to a pc system and/or information it includes
  • an entrance at the rear of a building
  • a secret or underhand method of access (to someplace or a situation)
  • functioning from behind plus concealment; as, backdoor intrigues.

Backdoor meaning in Etymology Dictionary

additionally back-door, "devious, questionable, illegal," 1640s. The idea is of company done out of general public view. The noun back-door in the literal sense is from 1520s, from right back (adj.) + door. The connection with sodomy are at least from 19c.; compare also back-door man "a married woman's fan," black slang, early 20c.

Backdoor meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

as an alternative called a manhole or trapdoor, a backdoor is a phrase accustomed describe a back method, hidden strategy, or any other type of bypassing old-fashioned security being get access to a secure area. For example, a programmer may insert an item of rule that will enable them access to a computer or safe area utilizing a password that only they understand.

Backdoor meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Acting from behind and in concealment; as, backdoor intrigues.

Sentence Examples with the word Backdoor

Maybe there's a backdoor or someone she knows in Hell who can help you.

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