What does Backbone mean?

Backbone meaning in Computer Dictionary

a percentage of a computer system that's with the capacity of holding most traffic regarding system at large rates. The anchor usually links huge communities or companies collectively. The initial Internet anchor ended up being made between UCLA and SLI on October 29, 1969 and after this the net comes with a large number of large backbones that carry many traffic around the world. In the United States, many of these backbones are operate by telecommunication businesses particularly AT&T, Bell South, Congent, Qwest, amount 3, MCI/Worldcom, Sprint, and Time Warner.

Backbone meaning in Medical Dictionary

The back. A flexible row of bones stretching from the base of the skull to your tailbone.

Backbone meaning in Law Dictionary

the greatest system pipe with information traffic. It connects the primary server and products regarding community. The dimensions of the anchor is founded on the requirements of the business.

Backbone meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"back," very early 14c., from straight back (n.) + bone tissue (letter.). Figurative sense of "power of personality" is attested from 1843.

Backbone meaning in Business Dictionary

In information communications, the greatest 'pipe' (cable or station) of a network (or a network of sites such online) that holds the heaviest information traffic at maximum speed, and which links every primary server and device on system. The 'size' (bandwidth) of a backbone is relative: a backbone in a little system would-be smaller (have lower data transfer) versus non-backbone lines in a big system.

Backbone meaning in General Dictionary

a central cohesive supply of help and security

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  • the variety of vertebrae creating the axis of this skeleton and safeguarding the back
  • fortitude and determination
  • the part of a novel's address that encloses the inner side of the guide's pages which deals with outward whenever guide is shelved
  • the section of a network that connects various other networks collectively
  • The column of bones inside back which sustains and provides tone toward frame; the back; the vertebral or spine.
  • such a thing like , or offering the goal of, a backbone.
  • Firmness; ethical principle; steadfastness.

Backbone meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

some of a pc network that is with the capacity of carrying the majority of traffic in the system at large speeds. The backbone frequently links huge systems or businesses together. The initial Web backbone ended up being made between UCLA and SLI on October 29, 1969 now cyberspace is made of a large number of large backbones that carry the majority of traffic throughout the world. In the usa, a number of these backbones tend to be run by telecommunication organizations including AT&T, Bell Southern, Congent, Qwest, Level 3, MCI/Worldcom, Sprint, and Time Warner.

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Backbone meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

just as the individual anchor holds signals to many smaller nerves in the torso, a community backbone carries data to smaller lines of transmission. A nearby backbone refers to the primary network outlines that connect a number of neighborhood communities (LANs) collectively. The effect is an extensive location system (WAN) connected by a backbone link. The world wide web, which is the ultimate broad location system, relies on an anchor to transport information over-long distances. Cyberspace anchor is made from a few ultra-high bandwidth contacts that connect together numerous nodes worldwide. These nodes route incoming information to smaller sites into the local area. The a lot fewer "hops" important computer data needs to make before reaching the anchor, the faster it will probably get sent to the destination. This is the reason many Web hosts and ISPs have actually direct connections towards Web backbone.

Backbone meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The column of bones in the straight back which sustains and provides tone towards frame; the spine; the vertebral or spinal column.

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  • (n.) Everything like , or serving the goal of, a backbone.
  • (n.) Firmness; moral concept; steadfastness.

Sentence Examples with the word Backbone

Among domestic statesmen he was felt, however, to be the backbone of the party in power.

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