What does Back-to-back Loan mean?

Back-to-back Loan meaning in Finance Dictionary

A situation in which a good investment organization, particularly an investment trust, deposits sterling with an UNITED KINGDOM bank which afterwards arranges with a foreign associate bank to provide the equivalent level of foreign currency towards the investment organization. The purpose of this deal would be to hedge against money variations affecting the portfolio.

Back-to-back Loan meaning in Law Dictionary

(1) a couple of neighborhood money LOANS between two organizations, recorded under a single arrangement supplying for right of OFFSET, which allows the companies to onlend your local money resources to their very own subsidiaries and eliminates the need for the subsidiaries to source their own neighborhood financing. (2) that loan dedication from a BANK to a real estate developer which includes a construction loan for preliminary building and a permanent real estate loan for continuous funding once the task is created. (1) See also PARALLEL LOAN.