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The counter-electromotive power (abbreviated countertop emf, or CEMF ) 1 could be the current, or electromotive power, that pushes against the present which induces it, is caused by a changing electromagnetic industry. It really is represented by Lenz's Law of electromagnetism. Straight back electromotive power is a voltage that develops in electric motors in which there was general motion between your armature of motor therefore the exterior magnetized field. Counter emf is a voltage created in an inductor community by a pulsating existing or an alternating current. 2 The voltage's polarity is at every minute the reverse for the feedback voltage 3 4In a generator making use of a rotating armature and, into the existence of a magnetic flux, the conductors slice the magnetized industry outlines because they rotate. The changing field strength creates a voltage when you look at the coil; the engine is acting like a generator.. (Faraday's law of induction.) This current opposes the original applied voltage; therefore, it really is known as "counter-electromotive power". (by Lenz's legislation.) With a lesser overall current throughout the armature, current flowing in to the engine coils is decreased. 5 a term a specialist makes use of when he hasn't a clue what is wrong and then he does not want to be seen to not ever understand what's incorrect, so he speaks shit!