What does Bacchus mean?

Bacchus meaning in General Dictionary

The god of wine child of Jupiter and Semele

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  • (traditional mythology) god of wine; exact carbon copy of Dionysus
  • The god of wine, child of Jupiter and Semele.

Bacchus meaning in Names Dictionary

Jesus of wine.
Name Origin: Latin
Name Gender: Male

Bacchus meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Greek god of wine and revelry, a later title of Dionysus, belated 15c., from Latin Bacchus, from Greek Bakkhos, perhaps pertaining to Latin bacca "berry, olive-berry, bead, pearl." Possibly initially a Thracian virility god.

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Bacchus meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The god of wine, boy of Jupiter and Semele.

Sentence Examples with the word Bacchus

The inhabitants, who number one to two hundred, speak Sokotri and Arabic and are chiefly engaged in diving for pearl shell on the Bacchus Bank N.E.

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