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(Bah-Cah) interj. 1. An unkown acronym used for Love or just about any other strong, good thoughts towards someone.n.1. An acknowledgment of Enjoy. This term is believed having originated from two lovers using the initials B.A and C.A. Relating to legend, the set was forced to keep their particular love in concealing due to dispute between your man plus the parents for the woman. The couple usually utilized their initials, B.A.C.A, to profess their particular love towards each other openly. Bakkah (Arabic: بكة‎) is a spot mentioned in surah 3:96 regarding the Qur'an. It is said to-be your website associated with very first mosque, and so it's identified by some Muslims using the city of Mecca. Others in addition identify it because of the Biblical "valley of Baca" from Psalm 84 (Hebrew: בך‎). Yet another misspelled word-of spanish, vaca definition cow.baca or baka - the perfect english option to white japan term バカ this means stupid. 1. One that looks like that of a primate species as well as is replaced accidently as a(n) ape.2. Jew or all jews, master period and area. Controller associated with jewish holiday that involves spinning a top.