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a tiny infant of a man, bossy in the wild, regarded as seen around Flint, Michigan. Known for not having such a thing of their own. A totally free loader ("Can i've half that," or "Is that any worthwhile?") and creep-ass, frequents brothel houses which after that ejaculates forcefully into prostitutes mouths, features substantial understanding of all popular serial killers, moreover claims to possess extensive knowledge of cinematic films, only knows the administrators of these films, and cannot name one star. However in truth lacks style and knowledge of thing. A baby Kraus normally recognized for it is temperament tantrums, hissy fit's and want to often be correct in addition to crying as he's perhaps not. He can often be located trolling the IMDB site. In which him and his 5 buddies which go to this website, review films negativly, without previously seeing all of them. Turn on's: winning at monopolyTurn off's: The jack minus the Pak