What does Baby Emmee mean?

Baby Emmee meaning in Urban Dictionary

The most amazing girl you will definitely ever before meet. She might be sweet and delicate and sweet all at one time. She really loves her boyfriend soo much and certainly will do whatever it takes to help make him this lady guy. She fights for what he thinks in, and will never back down if she seems that one he cares for is in danger. She does not cuss every single other word, in reality she tries never to cuss at all. She may be recognised incorrectly as an emo, but actually this woman is not afraid to share the woman emotions. She actually is individual unlike exactly what most women would like you to believe. She's a hard employee by nature, but she never ever needs to work quite difficult to produce her boyfriend look. She really loves those people in her heart like there's no the next day. She actually is attractive but the woman character is absolutely stunning and special. She treats dudes aided by the upmost respect. Loyal she'll be, honesty is the greatest plan for her.