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when you look at the halo world, the elites often force their children into the military at an early age. Using their full-faced pacifiers and self-changing, mechanical complete human anatomy diapers, the child elites march into combat.The infant elites, or perhaps in layman terms; grunts, can often be seen using point in different covenant military formations.If so when you encounter an infant elite decide to try to:-Shoot with regards to their smooth, undeveloped skull.-Hit them with a blunt object, this will dispatch these with general convenience and effect.-Sneak up on all of them throughout their "nappy time" and employ one of several aforementioned methods.-Throw a typical fragmentation grenade at them, their particular shattered hopes and hopes and dreams to become a mini league baseball player will stun them when they see something resembling a baseball.Once you have sent the elites younger, make sure to teabag them facing their family for psychological injury and mental warfare.Good fortune, soldier.