What does Babinski reflex mean?

Babinski reflex meaning in Medical Dictionary

A reflex accustomed determine adequacy of higher (central) nervous system. The Babinski reflex is gotten by stimulating the outside of the sole regarding the base, causing extension associated with the big toe while fanning another toes. The examiner begins the stimulation within heel and goes toward the base associated with the feet. Many newborn babies and young babies aren't neurologically mature, as well as consequently show a Babinski response. A Babinski reflex in a mature son or daughter or an adult is unusual and it is a sign of a challenge inside brain or back. A Babinski reflex that is present on one part yet not the other is also unusual, and it may indicate which region of the brain is involved. Also called plantar reaction, huge toe sign, and Babinski event, response, or sign.

Babinski reflex meaning in General Dictionary

extension up associated with the feet when the sole associated with base is stroked solidly regarding external side through the heel towards the front side; typical in infants in chronilogical age of 2 yrs but an indication of mind or spinal-cord damage in older people