What does Babacups mean?

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1. A high-octane, no hold's bard ingesting online game which is comprised of tossing container caps into an item of the choice*, many ideally a form of bonnet hat, and giving or using beverages dependent on when your container limit gets to that or not. - It is also necessary for one of many people in the video game to "Zamboni" the limits up when they tend to be extinguished being begin next round.- Standard bras can also be brought into the online game for people to wear on their mind, temporarily turning the overall game into "Brabacups", by which no principles change, aside from the fact that members today carry standard bras on their head.- Additionally, as the online game is within play, the expression "Babacup" can help make reference to anything and everything at any time.- Talking in Italian/French/Hungarian accents during Babacups can also be a typical form of play.(!WARNING!- Babacups is very addicting and totally outrageous) *not become confused with the typical online game "Bottle Caps", which includes now become formally lame.