What does Baba mean?

Baba meaning in General Dictionary

some sort of plum cake

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  • a tiny dessert leavened with fungus
  • A kind of plum cake.

Baba meaning in Names Dictionary

created on Thursday.
Name Origin: African
Name Gender: Female

Baba meaning in Etymology Dictionary

form of plum cake, 1827, from French baba (19c.), stated by French etymology dictionaries to be from Polish baba.

Baba meaning in Cooking Dictionary

an abundant rum or kirsch-soaked Polish yeast cake studded with currants or raisins. The original baba is baked in a tall cylindrical mold however the cake can be built in a number of sizes and shapes; called savarin when baked in a sizable band mold.

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  • a French or Italian tiny sweet cake created from enriched yeast dough, usually flavored with candied fresh fruits and wet with a rum or Kirschwasser syrup after cooking. This bread can also be accustomed make the larger savarin.

Baba - German to English

(rum) baba

Baba meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A type of plum cake.

Sentence Examples with the word Baba

On the 25th the horsemen reached the Constantinople railway at Baba Eski; next, pushing reconnaissances S.

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