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Bring Your Own Crew Family; A whack hardcore crew from north Kentucky. They react hard when they know they don't really must combat, but once they may be out-matched they state "I do not get why everyone hates us much; We're simply a bunch of dudes that hang out." A team of huge fucking scene kids that do nothing but chat a lot of shit, and get truly bad tattoos. Beliefs include: becoming asshats, going to shows and talking a number of shit yet performing absolutely nothing, becoming cool(rofl jk), and performing not becoming chill. A hardcore team from northern Kentucky. They normally are just spotted on Florence, KY Mall therefore the Covington, KY Mad Hatter musical Club. They usually try to begin fights with everybody else who does keep the same belief system as them. They may not be become feared, because they will communicate a lot of smack but hardly ever really do anything. They recently changed their name to FOE or "fagotry over every thing"