What does BY-BOAD mean?

BY-BOAD meaning in Law Dictionary

The statute law of the latest Jersey acknowledges three different kinds of roadways: A public roadway, a private roadway, and a byroad. A by-road is a road utilized by the inhabitants, and acquiesced by statute, yet not presented. Such roadways tend to be known as "driftways." These are typically roads of necessity in newly-settled countries. Van Blarcom v. Frike, 29 N. J. Law, 516. See, additionally, Stevens v. Allen, 29 N. J. Law, 68. An obscure or area roadway with its earlier presence, not regularly any great level by the public, yet thus far a public roadway the public have of right free usage of it constantly. Wood v. Hurd, 34 N. J. Law, 89.