What does BY ESTIMATION mean?

BY ESTIMATION meaning in Law Dictionary

In conveyancing. A term accustomed indicate that level of land as stated is expected only, not exactly measured; has got the exact same meaning and effect whilst the term "more or less." Tarbell v. Bowman, 103 Mass. 341; Mendenhall v. Steckel, 47 Md. 453, 28 Am. Rep. 4S1; Hays v. Hays, 120 Ind. 92, 25 N. E. GOO, 11 L. R. A. 376.

Sentence Examples with the word BY ESTIMATION

The image of the star is set updn the intersections of the lines of the central cross, and the positions of the reseau-lines are read off by estimation to - of a division on the glass scale.

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