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Baldo Waldo is the King Believers.A huge group that comes from the Ushi No Tane Forums; most of the members are incredibly great people as they are buddys with one another.Originally made due to a character inside Harvest Moon series, Thomas, who's thought to be the Harvest King.Their proof includes the fact he always, ALWAYS comes back the dog ball you "lose" no matter how you get rid of it (or if you allow it to stay for too long), he breaks into the home on Christmas time, he teleports, the Harvest Goddess has actually known as the Harvest King a baldy, and, well, Thomas is a baldy. They're few of the many and varied reasons they think for.The club died on its 2nd anniversary on August seventeenth, 2010. May it rest in peace.Let the members bear in mind the great times and the bad, the wars the the games, the love as well as the hate, the buddies as well as the trolls.