What does BWC bwc BWC bwc BWC BWC mean?

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BIG WHITE COCK! The average white guy(9" & up), usually within women/girls of an increased class, flavor, discretion and tend to be just 14percent of populace (see intimate endowment by newest examination)! As per the typical intimate examination and stats carried out by expert Sexologists! Right measurement is consistant by calculating from the top side of the male cock to its tip "ONLY". Unlike the favorite buzz that un-educated men and women prefer to think, 84percent of feminine population "TRY NOT TO care about SIZE". Err-go "SIZE CANNOT SITUATION" towards average woman! Girth possibly! BWC = abbreviation for but which cares, created by an incredible fan of @planetjedward simply because they say it, and we say it. The BWC (Bill Waggoner Crew) are a cult of racist antisemitic and deceitful kids on youtube. They're going around choosing battles along with other people and making uneducated movies while acting such as the biggest know it alls on the net. Their idol definitely is costs waggoner that is another exemplory case of a dumbfuck. Buffalo crazy Crotch / Cootch:Burning feeling inside lady parts after being fingered by somebody with latent buffalo wing sauce / hot sauce on their fingers. Short for bitch/whine/complain Because we could .. used to defend your self and others against any task or thing you do away from a spontaneuous impulse. Can also be used to convey your reasoning to some one that doesnt deserve a better explanation.