What does BUSINESS HOURS mean?

BUSINESS HOURS meaning in Law Dictionary

Those hours regarding the time where, in certain community, commercial, banking, professional, general public, or other forms of business tend to be ordinarily carried on. This expression is stated to imply maybe not enough time where a principal calls for a worker's services, although business hours regarding the neighborhood usually. Derosia v. Railroad Co., 18 Minn. 133, (Gil. 119.)

Sentence Examples with the word BUSINESS HOURS

Telegraphic money orders were established in 1850; a cable was laid between Dover and Calais, and in November 1851 the stock exchanges of London and Paris were able for the first time to compare prices during business hours of the same day; numerous companies were formed, some of which were independent of the railways, and keen competition led to considerable extensions of wires and reduction of tariffs, with the result that a large increase in the volume of business took place.

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