What does BUND mean?

BUND meaning in General Dictionary

An embankment against inundation

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  • League confederacy esp the confederation of German says
  • League; confederacy; esp. the confederation of German says.
  • An embankment against inundation.

BUND meaning in Law Dictionary

bbreviated as a type of Bundasanleihem, the broad group of German government BONDS. Bunds, denominated in EUROS, feature maturities of 6 to three decades (with 10year securities constituting the BENCHMARK) and spend interest COUPONS on a yearly basis. These are typically granted through the federal bond SYNDICATE, via old-fashioned UNDERWRITING, and through DUTCH AUCTION.

BUND meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"league, confederacy," 1850, from German Bund (about English musical organization (n.2) and bind (v.)). In names of various fraternal businesses, in U.S. particularly the German-American Bund, pro-Nazi company started 1936.

BUND - German to English


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  • confederacy
  • confederation
  • covenant
  • Baptist Union in Austria
  • relationship of marriage
  • Energy Consumers' Association
  • the south Confederacy
  • Federation of German ladies Associations
  • German women's Federation [rare transl. for the girls' wing of Hitler Youth]
  • League of German women
  • League of German Officers [association of German officials in Soviet war captivity]
  • Baptist Union in Germany
  • federation
  • flange
  • Union of complimentary Evangelical Churches
  • Union of Free Pentecostal Churches
  • BUND (Friends associated with world Germany)
  • divine covenant
  • League of Religious Socialists
  • union [association]
  • waistband
  • alliance
  • coalition [alliance]
  • federacy [archaic]
  • (national) condition
  • authorities
  • fret
  • league
  • (Federal) military
  • connection
  • truss
  • lot [of flowers etc.]
  • bundle

BUND meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) League; confederacy; esp. the confederation of German states.

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  • (letter.) An embankment against inundation.

Sentence Examples with the word BUND

In order to prevent the commercial treaty with Russia, a great agricultural league was founded in 1893, the Bund der Laudwirte; some 7000 landowners joined it immediately.

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