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An acronym meaning "Boyz U Envy." B.U.E. (or maybe more commonly spelled bUe) consists of an overwhelming quantity of cabinet homosexuals from the Greater Waterbury location in CT. Their particular lives contain marketing a number of teenager functions at old run-down clubs simply because they're too young to get into genuine groups, chances are they make use of whatever cash they make to get tresses gel and pink clothes/accessories. A number of all of them are thought DJ's (because now-a-days, any moron who are able to push play and commence pumping a lot of annoying techno is considered a DJ.) they truly are your typical Guidos, from the phony tans to your Mars assaults hairstyles toward stupid hand sings they generate in just about every picture they just take due to their MySpace pages like to create folks think these people were in a gang of some type. physical strength.Named for a design carried out by just a little kid that was expected to say "That is exactly how god revealed their love." but the "lo" looked like a "b" therefore the "v" looked like a "u." therefore the sentence seemed to review "That is just how God showed their Bue." Angolan portuguese slang for "much, really, alot" an acronym that is short for "bust upon entry" and describes the immediate ejaculation that develops the first time you bang a complete slam piece. prone to happening on ships in islands. a BUE can happen for several factors, such as: banging a girl after a touch too much foreplay, triumphantly banging a woman you have been trying to bang for a really very long time, banging a girl after an extended dry enchantment, banging an unbelievably hot girl, banging a lady the very first time without a condom on, banging while thinking an excessive amount of regarding how you are currently banging, or really and truly just if you pull a BWS (banging whilst sober) Acronym for:B.itchU.gly asE.ver