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Balls into wall, when you do not even contemplate whether its good or bad idea you merely DO IT! BTTW stands for: "Balls into Whalls" means to go all-out. It's been stated that in ASL (United states Sign Language) "BTTW" is reported to be performed because of the exact same posed utilized by commandoes in Contra 3 Alien conflicts once you contain the "L" & "R" buttons down at exactly the same time. That is a mantra chanted by those that observe that the best represented in carnate by "Mark Whalberg" could be the real path to awesomeness. While you are being so awesome you ought to shout, and you simply can not support the awesome anymore, its a secure wager that "BALLS ON WHALLS" will satisfy that urge to rock on, and rock on difficult. "Balls into Wall" - for your balls to have busted. A male may have his balls in a vice, clenched inside the manager' fist, or perhaps in his spouse's lips. But nothing truly even compares to getting your balls mashed up against a cold tough wall. A phrase most commonly described whilst at the job or whenever communicating with the female variety.