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bull shit, duh 1. it represents BULLSHIT2. it is said when someone informs a lie3. it really is made use of an individual states anything to suck-up4. it is known whenever you virtually see bull poo5. a phrase utilized if you have to speak or compose for a certain size and you have absolutely nothing better to state. Bull Shit, from Latin "Bulbus Stercum" Improvising responses for homework or essays whenever you are under some pressure or simply dont learn how to take action. Works great one hour before an assignment flow from. initials of britney spears (additionally describes the girl music) an acronym of the term bullshit, wich could also be used rather fittingly as an acronym of Britney Spears. Body Slide. When a masseuse makes use of their body against yours to give you the main massage, usually in an asian "body wipe" as well as in the nude.